13 Fears About Sobriety That Will Sabotage Your Recovery

We’ll also provide specific steps to take when your heart starts racing and your mind starts wandering. The first thing is that sobriety can be a really hard thing to face for a lot of addicts. There’s the chance that they might not make it through it, they could fail, and then there’s the pressure to succeed. There’s a fear of a life without the ability to ever drink or take drugs again. Staying sober means staying clean, and that alone can be a scary thought for many addicts and alcoholics. Losing friends is another common reason people are afraid to get sober that appears to come true.

fear of being sober

For people starting out in recovery, it can be all but impossible to see the cause and effect interactions that take place behind the scenes without some form of guidance. The money you save by not buying drugs or alcohol can quickly add up to fund a travel adventure or make a down payment on a house. When you look at it this way, it is clear that giving sobriety a try, even if you do not succeed at first, is the best option.

Why Am I Scared of Being Sober?

You will start to feel better about yourself, making you more comfortable engaging in conversation with others. The new you, clean and sober, will have so much more to offer that you will be amazed at the quality of friendships you will attract. Worried that they may be abandoned by the people they love or judged by others, some people refuse to admit that they have a drug problem or reach out to others for support. Yet without taking these steps, there can be no recovery. Join me for two powerful, focused, dedicated one-to-one coaching sessions for the price of one!

  • So it may take some time before you truly feel content in your new life.
  • Staying sober means staying clean, and that alone can be a scary thought for many addicts and alcoholics.
  • These activities go a long way toward making your life better and happier.
  • But remember that anyone who truly cares about you will always come back.
  • Withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable, but they are not always dangerous.

They worry they will never get to the point of recovery. They may worry about what’s on the other side of rehab. If you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, don’t let the fear of being sober and reclaiming your life stop you.

Fear in Recovery Isn’t Insurmountable

When we’re sober, we may find those desires and dreams come to the surface again, prompting us to pay attention to them once again. And the only people who will try to tell you otherwise are people who still require drugs or alcohol in order to have fun. Following are the most common fears people have about getting sober, along with the reality of these fears once fear of being sober sobriety has been reached. Many people struggling with addiction want to get sober, but share common fears about what sobriety entails. Let us take this opportunity to refute these fears and show you why getting sober is better than you realised. Even though you know the health complications drug use has brought to you, it’s not uncommon to fear life without it.

fear of being sober

Those aren’t the friends you need to be spending time with right now. However, your choice to get clean may one day be a part of their decision to do the same. If you believe that sobriety is going to be boring, then it’s likely that you’re scared of becoming sober. This is because you’re afraid of not having drugs or alcohol to help you escape from reality. Plenty of sober activities can be just as fun as drinking or using drugs. If you’ve developed an identity tied closely to the drug scene, you might fear losing yourself outside that world.

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